Jonathon Harrelson

Web Developer & Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Lazy Bastards Inc.

Lazy Bastards Inc.
Technologies Used:
Vanilla Javascript
Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the more complex sites I have created. It is not in the fact that it’s a big site or the code is complex, but there are so many moving elements and some first time uses. This site is a semi-personal site in the fact that I am vested in this venture so I wanted to take the time to use some things I’ve never used before and it turned out pretty cool.

This site is powered by WordPress, supported by the BuddyPress Plugin and Bootstrap as the css framework. It calls the Twitch API via it’s RESTful API service to display live streams on user profiles when they are live OR previous streams if they’re not currently streaming. We also can setup events that are displayed on the home page, set up reviews and show past streams of those games. There’s so much this site can do and I must say I’m extremely proud of this accomplishment.

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